Maryland/Virginia 2023

Roanoke, Roadmap CoffeeWorks

Day 9

This morning when we woke up, Faith ate the leftover pizza for breakfast, and then we started loading both cars. We left Massanutten and the Harrisonburg area, heading south on I-81 through the Shenandoah Valley towards Roanoke.

Roadmap CoffeeWorks

Faith and I made a pit stop in Lexington, VA at Roadmap CoffeeWorks, a place rated by various sources as one of the better coffee roasters in the US. We weren’t disappointed by their selection or quality. Faith got an iced latte, and I got a drip coffee. Both were fantastic, and we thoroughly enjoyed them. I learned, by watching the barista, that the secret to making good cold coffee drinks is apparently to use a cocktail shaker to chill the drink, rather than pouring it over ice that will then dilute the coffee.

Roadmap CoffeeWorks
Lexington, VA

While there’s not a lot to do in Lexington, VA, one can definitely get some quality coffee here. Be sure to stop by if you’re in the area.

* – Would definitely visit again

** – Exceptional, must visit if you’re in the area

*** – Worth making a special trip to eat there

For more info on food ratings, click here.

Alejandro's Mexican Grill

For lunch, we stopped on the north side of Roanoke at Alejandro’s Mexican Grill, a local chain. The food was very good, the service was quick, and the portions were enormous. It was an efficient stop, allowing us to get back on the road quickly.

Travel, Dinner, Home

We made one more stop in Winston-Salem to grab Thanksgiving groceries and a snack from Trader Joe’s, and then split off to go our separate ways home – Mom and Dad taking I-40 and Faith and I taking US-421. We saw a beautiful sunset on our way up the mountain, and arrived home in time to get unloaded, unpacked, and settled for bed before it got too late.

The Best Things we Saw Today


The best thing I saw today was… “the setup at Roadmap CoffeeWorks”.

The best thing I ate today was… “snacks from Trader Joe’s and coffee”.


The best thing I saw today was… “sunset over the mountains”.

The best thing I ate today was… “coffee from Roadmap”.


The best thing I saw today was… “the end of the Shenandoah Valley”.

The best thing I ate today was… “Mexican at lunch”.


The best thing I saw today was… “home”.

The best thing I ate today was… “Mexican at lunch”.


Keep an eye out for a blog from another trip coming soon…

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